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Allow us to be your guide to Europe's most beautiful city and the renowned Prague gay scene! We at Prague Saints have some of the most handsome and intelligent guides in the whole city and can take you to all of the major historical sites in Prague as well as a number of attractions outside the capital. For those on a budget we also offer more economical tour options. On this website you also have the opportunity of taking a number of group tours although please note these tours are not gay run. We hope we can fulfill all of your tour requirements.


5 to 6 hours

180 €

Second courtyard
Entrance to cells
The Shaving room


5 to 6 hours

Main sights:

Terezin Fortress, Ghetto museum

Type of tour:


Price (1 person):

180 €

Price (each additional person):

25 €


All year round


Entrances and traditional Czech lunch


The town of Terezin was the site of wartime Czechoslovakia’s only concentration camp. On this tour we will visit the camp and its museum and the surrounding town. Terezin was established at the end of the 18th century by the Austrian emperor Joseph II as part of the ingenious system of fortresses guarding the northern border against the Prussians. The town was never used for this original purpose but during the World War II it became the only Nazi concentration camp in the Czech Republic. Thousands of people died here and more than 150 000 people passed through on to the annihilation camps in the east. Nowadays Terezin is a museum with a very interesting exhibition for those who want to know more about the tragic history of World War II. On this tour the guide will pick you up by private car and you will take the hour-long drive north to Terezin. At first you will visit the Small Fortress, the formal prison of the ghetto where you will see the level of cruelty that took place in the camp. The guide will take you to the cells and also to the tunnels in the massive walls of the fortress and finally you will be able to watch a short Nazi propaganda movie about the Terezin ghetto. In the main town you will visit the famous Ghetto museum. We will then have a typical Czech lunch with beer before setting off on the drive home.

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5 to 6 hours

180 €

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