Prague’s lesbian scene may not be as upfront and raunchy as its male counterpart but the city’s famed tolerance and liberalism applies just as much to the lesbian side of things. The country  legalized same sex partnerships in 2006 and lesbian couples will not encounter prejudice here. 

Most of the gay bars and clubs are open and welcoming to women and some have specific lesbian nights.  But the scene is not only restricted to drinking establishments, there are cultural events and meetings taking place all the time and a number of groups dedicated to looking after the needs of lesbians.



The somewhat ramshackle but friendly JampaDampa (V Tunich 10, http://jampadampa1.webnode.cz) probably has the largest lesbian presence of all the bars, but is mostly popular on weekend nights. They organize a karaoke night every Tuesday as well.  This place is definitely worth a look.  One of the best places to go is the monthly Freedom Night held at PM Club (Trojicka 10, Prague 2).  It seems as though all of Prague’s lesbians come out in full force for this night.  It is a good place to meet other women and they have live shows, dating and great DJs.  Check their facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/freedomnight.cz.

Of the gay clubs  Friends, Valentino and Termix are also popular with lesbians although the men are certainly in the majority here.  Other options for the ladies are the laid-back Cafe Erra which attracts a mixed crowd of men and women, Q Cafe and our own Saints Bar. Two places that are often mentioned on out of date internet sites, A-club and Maler, are respectively not lesbian, and gone straight. 

For addresses and opening hours of these places please click on the Prague Gay Guide tab to the left of this text. 



This film and music-loving city has many cultural options for the lesbian visitor including an annual film festival (Mezipatra), a lesbian-themed art gallery and occasional lesbian-themed theatre productions.  Rozdilne Rytmy (Differing Rhythms) is a lesbian group that organises trips, lectures, sport actions, and film viewings and there is also a lesbian sport club meeting every Sunday. There are also events at the Gender Studies Library.

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