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A Short Guide to Sexy Gay Prague


Prague has a deserved reputation as the gay sex capital of Eastern Europe, earned due to the large number of young nubile men in the city and their eager willingness to earn some extra spending money by giving you an especially good time.

Although to describe the Czech capital as the ‘Bangkok of Europe’ might be a bit of a stretch, it is stupendously easy to have sex in Prague, even if you look like Johnny Vegas’ chubbier elder brother. And you don’t necessarily have to part with your hard-earned cash either, there are dark rooms and gay saunas and sex clubs galore.

Czechs are famously tolerant and liberal, and this also applies to their attitude to sex. In this guide we will take you through each aspect of Prague’s steamy gay underbelly. We hope it will whet your appetite.


For those who don’t want to go to the trouble of a relationship or cannot face the meat markets of Friends and Termix, there is always the option of ‘purchasing’ your friend for the night.  Your safest bet is to visit Up and Down club. Here you will find a selection of boys of all shapes and sizes who are there precisely for the purpose of offering you some fun. You will generally find the boys scattered all over the bar, some will be dancing on the stage and others will just be sitting around waiting to be approached. All you need to do once you are there is indicate to the boy that you are interested and then begin the negotiation. The boys will not be shy in telling you precisely what they are prepared to do and how much it is going to cost you.  Price varies hugely depending on the supposed quality of the boy and what you want him to do. Some boys consider themselves supermodels and you should not be afraid to barter them down a bit. Make sure to agree all of this in advance to avoid misunderstandings later. Once the deal is done you take the boy off and back to your hotel or apartment.  Of course if you don’t want to go to the trouble of visiting a bar or club, you can always go online – there are innumerable websites offering escort services. 

Prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic as long as the boy is at least 18 years of age.


Prague has just one bar with rent boys or escorts: Up and Down club. For those in search of sex of the non-paying kind you can also try Drakes and Alcatraz. These are basically sex clubs with myriad cubicles showing porno videos and various other rooms, dungeons etc. Both have bars where you can get comfortable and build up some Dutch courage before diving in.  Drakes is the more sophisticated of the two with Alcatraz catering more to bear and leather types. The latter also has regular naked parties.

​Another option is the nightclub dark room.  Both Club Maxx and Termix have dark rooms. Anything goes in here and if you do want to get down and dirty it is a good idea to take a condom in with you. Given that it is jet black inside, you really can end up with anyone, including your 85 year old neighbour. These places are not for the sexually inhibited. 


Another great place where you can have sex for free is a gay sauna. For those not initiated to these dens of iniquity the primary purpose of a gay sauna is not to get their clients all steamed up although you may well find yourself getting all hot and bothered for quite different reasons. A gay sauna is for sex. Most of the sex does not go on visibly but takes place in the steam room or in a cubicle. If you want to be sure of privacy use a cubicle.  Any action in the steam room is open to all comers and they will not be shy of trying to join in, especially if you are in any way good looking. Prague has three gay saunas: the large and well equipped Babylonia which is particularly popular with the young and tourists, the smaller and more local David and relative newcomer Bonbon. Babylonia is also a place where you can get a gay massage.


The gay contact magazine Amigo has now gone out of business but there is still MAXX and Gay Contact both packed with young Czech guys looking for new carnal friends.


Many hotels have a strict ‘no guest’ policy or at least will require that you pay for a double room rather than a single if wishing to take a guest back. Some hotels, especially in the gay quarter, are more comfortable with this and will not cause problems although they may ask for your ‘guest’s’ id. The safest bet of course is to rent a private apartment where you will not have to run the gauntlet of the reception desk and can have total privacy. Click here to see our selection of apartments. 


There are a number of gay sex shops in Prague selling all manner of DVDs, videos, toys and lubricant. The large and well known Erotic City also has a gay dedicated store on Zitna street (near the gay quarter) which is probably the best in the whole city.  Heaven also doubles up as a gay cinema. 


There are plenty of cruising options in Prague. A good place to start is Letna Park which looks out over the old town. In summer the Podoli open air swimming pool is also rife with fraternising.  If you really can’t wait then it is possible to have sex in the changing room although discretion is strongly advised. 


You may think that we are exaggerating but it is really not unknown to see famous Czech and Slovak gay porn actors out and about in Prague. Bel Ami uses mainly actors from the Czech Republic and Slovakia but, according to the actors’ contracts, are not allowed to sell these videos in the two countries, thus allowing the actors their privacy in their homeland. Huge amounts of gay porn is made in Prague and many porn producers have set up home here.  


It should be clear to you all by now that Prague is a great place for the gay tourist, especially one with sin in mind. Come and visit now! Have fun and please be safe!

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