Prague has a deserved reputation as the gay sex capital of Eastern Europe, earned due to the large number of young nubile men in the city and their eager willingness to earn some extra spending money by giving you an especially good time. 

Although to describe the Czech capital as the ‘Bangkok of Europe’ might be a bit of a stretch, it is stupendously easy to have sex in Prague, even if you look like Johnny Vegas’ chubbier elder brother. And you don’t necessarily have to part with your hard earned cash either, there are dark rooms and gay saunas and sex clubs galore. 

Up and down club

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The long standing Temple club finally closed its doors in September 2017 and was almost instantly replaced by this new venture run by a former employee at Temple.  The club actually consists of two bars, the 'Up' part which is open during the day until around 10pm and the 'down' part, located two doors down the street which opens up when 'Up' closes.  The day part is really a sports bar attracting a sometimes straight clientele.  The night part is much like the old Temple with the same gay following and hustlers albeit with a new facelift and much better management.  We will update this entry when we have been to see it again. 



Seifertova 3, Prague 3

Opening Hours:

The Up section is open from 2pm and the Down section from 9pm


+420 777 106 308



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