The permanent gay club scene in Prague is dominated by the two Vinohrady clubs Termix and Club Maxx (with the same owners) and the Old-town located Friends club, all of which have regular parties. It is important however not to miss the occasional gay nights in other clubs, such as OMG which normally takes places in Mecca.


Zobrazit více
Zobrazit více
Zobrazit více

This small disco club remains the most popular gay dance venue in town with a charm all of its own.  The staff are usually friendly and there is  a great atmosphere. The club comes into its own on Wednesday nights (or 'Hezky Cesky' as it is known on the scene) when Czech tunes predominate drawing in the locals although these are mostly English remakes. They also hold karaoke nights on Thursdays. The club can get very busy at the weekends. There is one small dancefloor, a long bar, a dark room and an upstairs chill out area. Located right around the corner from Saints bar. There is no entrance fee and reasonable prices. This is a good place to meet regular young Czechs.


Trebizskeho 4a, Prague 2


Opening Hours:

Wednesday to Saturday 9pm till 5am


+420 222 710 462



Prague Saints s. r. o.

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Polska 32, Vinohrady
120 00 Prague 2

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