Beer Lovers Tour

Length: 4 hours
Main sights: Staropramen Brewery, Prague Beer Pubs and Restaurants
Walking Tour
Price (1 person): € 90
Price (each additional person): € 35
Available All year round
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Most Czechs believe that, not only is beer good for you, but that failure to drink it regularly severely damages your health! On this afternoon tour you will get to test this very pleasant theory. 

Most of you will have heard of Staropramen, one of the Czech Republic's most popular beers and famously expensive in Britain. Here in the land of the beer connoisseur, where more beer is consumed per head than in any other country, it is regarded as more of a worker's drink. Prague is home to Staropramen and on this tour you will have the chance to visit its 140 year old brewery as well as a number of traditional Czech pubs. Beware: you might get drunk on this tour! 

The Staropramen brewery is located on the banks of the Vltava river and they have been making the golden stuff here since 1871. The guided tour, which features detailed explanations of the exhibits and processes, includes both the historic and new brewhouses, as well as the fermenting room and the lager cellars. At the end you will get the chance to taste the beer. 

After the brewery we will hop on a tram and head for the center for a  crawl around some of Prague's most famous traditional pubs where you will get to taste other Czech beers such as Budvar and Pilsner Urquell. The guide will also give you a short course in Czech beer etiquette, where you will learn such obscure but essential facts as how to toast and how to pour a beer.  

The price includes public transport, entrance to and a tour of the brewery and a beer in each of the three Czech pubs. Your guide will pick you up from your hotel at the start of the tour.

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