Practical Information

The Czech Republic

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, a country of 10.5 million people that formed the western half of Czechoslovakia. It gained its independence following the 'Velvet Divorce' with Slovakia on January 1st 1993. The official language of the country is Czech.  

Embassies, visas and documentation 

European Union, US and New Zealand nationals do not require a visa to enter the Czech Republic. The British Embassy is on the small Thunovska Street (number 14) in Mala Strana. You will realise you are there when you see the bust of Churchill on the corner. The US embassy is around the corner on Trziste 15. 

According to the law, everyone should carry an identifying document (such as a passport or driving license). You will only rarely be asked to produce this but we would suggest that you carry a photocopy.


The International Dialling code for the Czech Republic is +420. All Prague numbers (mobile/cell phones excepted) begin with a 2.

In an emergency you should dial 112. For more specific emergencies you can call 158 (police), 155 (ambulance) and 150 (fire).     

Crime and Safety

Compared with most Western cities Prague is a relatively safe place to visit. Most people, even single women, feel comfortable walking around the streets at night. The most common form of crime for tourists is pickpocketing. Please be careful when travelling on trams or metros or when walking in crowded tourists areas.