Five Straight Bars not to Miss

You may not believe it but there is more to Prague's nightlife than the Prague Gay Scene. And despite what you might have read it does not just consist of badly-behaved stag and hen parties from the UK. Prague simply abounds in bars, cafes and clubs in every shape and size and to suit every age, taste and budget. From a delicious cheap beer in a traditional Czech pub to the fanciest mixed drinks in the ritziest bars, Prague has something for everyone.  Here is a list of our 10 favourite straight bars and pubs.


This highly original ### bar has the perfect location right on Old Town Square in the building housing the U Prince hotel and restaurant.  But it is far from being your typical tourist hangout.  A receptionist on the door will guide you into the cave-like series of rooms containing two bars and a number of small cosy, eclectically-designed spaces each decorated with the ever present black angel motif.  This is not a regular bar: photographs are not allowed to 'preserve the privacy of the customers' and you would be hard pushed to know what to expect when choosing from the creatively-written drinks menu.  But rest assured each ### is lovingly prepared by the talented bartenders who are happy to chat with you all about mixology.  This place is strongly recommended although drinks are not cheap by Czech standards, running to around 200 crowns each.

Staromestske Namesti 29, Prague 1


Owned and managed by the eponymous Michal Tretter, this American-style bar has been a stalwart on the scene for more than 15 years.  We would recommend taking a seat at the bar where you can watch the bartenders in action.  On quieter nights they are charming and happy to chat to you about their drinks.  The quality is very good for the price. Can get very busy on weekend nights.

V Kolkovne, Prague 1


There is no secret to what this club specialises in: gin, gin, tonic and yet more gin.  We have truly never seen so many gins collected in any one place, hailing from all around the world.  They serve a large number of gin and tonic combinations each lovingly prepared by very friendly bartenders.  There is a very pleasant terrace outside in summer and also a restaurant.   

Navratilova 11, Prague 1


Almost anyone living in the gay friendly neighbourhood of Vinohrady will tell you that, on a warm summer's day, their favourite place to drink a beer is this beer garden.  Riegrovy Sady is a large hilly park overlooking the city and is hugely popular with locals who gather on its grassy slopes and take in the views.  The beer garden sits in the middle of it all - if you are not sure where to find it, just follow the noise.  As well as cold cheap beer you can also purchase such Czech food staples as sausage and fried and pickled cheeses.  If the beer garden is too busy and noisy for you (and on football and ice hockey days it can get very busy) you can also try the nearby Mlekarna which offers a more sedate experience.


What the Gin and Tonic Club does for gin, this Cuban-style establishment does for rum.  There are literally hundreds of different rums to be found on their various shelves and cabinets, from all over the world and in every price range.  The bar looks a little unprepossessing from the outside, but once inside the wood panelled room will transport you to old world Havana.  Service can be a little slow - there is usually only one person working and some bottles can be difficult to find - but it is worth the wait 

Zitna 42, Prague 2