Prague's dreaming spires, stunning architecture and energetic nightlife have attracted millions of tourists and made the city one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It is sometimes difficult to believe that it is only 27 years ago that the Czechs rose up and overthrew their Communist government. Now the country is a member of NATO and the European Union and its capital is enjoying an economic boom.

The 40 years of communism had rendered the city a black and white version of its former self but the huge renovation and reconstruction program following the 1989 revolution is almost finished and the city has now recovered phoenix-like to its former beauty and glory.

Prague remains as beautiful as ever. It has one of the best preserved and most beautiful medieval towns in Europe, partly due to the fact that it was almost untouched during the Second World War, which so ravaged other historic towns in the region.  The castle which looms above the city, is more than 1100 years old and is the largest historic castle in the world.

Many visitors come to the city just to enjoy its varied and vibrant nightlife. Traditional bars and restaurants sit side by side with more modern places, offering  gourmet cuisine, fabulous drinks and great coffee. Overall however nothing can beat a delicious cold Czech beer in one of the city's many traditional Czech pubs.

The country has much more to offer besides its stunning capital. A trip to one of the spa resorts such as Karlovy Vary in north Bohemia, one of its famous castles or to one of the lovely towns of South Moravia like Cesky Krumlov is highly recommended.

There are low-cost carriers traveling to Prague from various parts of Europe at very affordable prices. Take advantage of them and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed by what this fabulous city has to offer.